Confectionery, sweets and desserts - Tourism in Vitoria-Gasteiz

Turismo - Repostería

Traditional Basque desserts, preserves or chocolates are some of the most successful sweet things in the local bakeries, some of them with an age-old tradition.


  • Among the varied offering, local artisan sweets such as vasquitos and nesquitas, truffles, desserts such as goxua, chuchitos or the San Prudencio and Virgen Blanca tarts will be sure to catch your eye.
  • Star Guide: the Gasteiz On Retailers Association's wine and fine food guide includes local confectioneries, chocolate shops or ice cream parlours in its Delicatessen(Opens in new window) section.
  • Goxua: an easy way to prepare this dessert which is typical of Vitoria. Goxua recipe Pdf. in new window)

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