City and economy - Location, connection and market potential

City and economy - The city

From a territorial point of view, business developments in our city would benefit from several elements:

  • Its geographical location at the crossroads of the transeuropean axis Madrid-Paris with the Iberian Barcelona-Porto axis.

Ciudad y economía - mapa 1

  • The advantages of this location are enhaced by the logistic infrastructures the city offers: international cargo airport, dry port, intermodal connections: trans-European railway network and highways, and the proximity to the ports of Bilbao, Pasajes and Santander..

Ciudad y economía - Infraestructuras

  • Another relevant fact is the availability at a very competitive price of land and real state for the immediate implementation of all kind and size of activities and business.
  • Our geographical position maximizes the potential of neibourgh markets (1-1.5 hours) of over 3 million people with 143,945 companies and 1,316,084 jobs. In a broader area (radius of 300 km.), the potential market exceeds 15 million inhabitants, 700,000 companies and more than 6 million jobs.

Ciudad y economía - Mapa datos


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