Sustainable Tourism - Biosphere Certificate

Biosphere 2018

Vitoria-Gasteiz has had the Biosphere Responsible Tourism certificate that accredits its status as a sustainable tourist destination since 2016.

Biosphere gives Vitoria-Gasteiz greater visibility in the international tourist market, reinforcing the positioning it achieved in 2012 as European Green Capital, and is something that sets it apart in the eyes of potential visitors with an increasing awareness.

This standard, which was created in the World Sustainable Tourism Conference in 1995 backed by UNESCO and certified by the Responsible Tourism Institute(Opens in new window), integrates the 17 goals of the United Nations for Development(Opens in new window) and the guidelines derived of the Paris Climate Change Summit(Opens in new window) and is guarantees:

  • Protection of cultural and natural heritage
  • Good local development
  • Good quality of life
  • Satisfaction, safety and quality in tourism and involvement of the tourist in the destination.

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