The Monument to the Battle of Vitoria - Tourism in Vitoria-Gasteiz

Batalla de Vitoria

On Saturday, the 4th of August, 1917 the civil Governor of Álava, Mr. Agrela, did deliver to the Mayor, Guillermo Elio y Molinuevo, the Monument to the Battle of Vitoria done by Gabriel Borrás y Abella of Benlliure's School. The history and what happened in the different corners of the Lowlands (Llanada) where the neighbours had to share the space and the food with some unexpected visitors, remained reflected in the symbolism of the sculptures

A bit of each one of these people is inserted in this Monument and they all are part of the "great battle". The anxieties of revenge and the need of subsistence let a stigma in the people included in this panorama of destruction. This great sculpture belongs, therefore, to all those persons who suffered a war they did not ask for and a battle in which they remained immersed. When the "Battle of Vitoria "is mentioned we are talking about a very wide content which overcomes that of the city.

Besides the history, the monument contributes to bring us information on the gratefulness of the people from Vitoria to the General Álava who freed the city of the dismantlement and the plunder of a war of destruction. His image occupies the most significant part of the artistic pyramid.

Source: Gabriel Borrás y Abella. Texts compiled and adapted by Patxi Viana, historian.

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