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Turismo - Rutas - Zona centro

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Starting point: Basque Parliament

  1. Basque Parliament
    The site was once occupied by the convent of Santa Clara. Materials from the former convent were used during construction.
  2. Cathedral of Mary Immaculate
    The initial project was built in 1907. It also houses the Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art.
  3. Palace of the Province
    Headquarters of the Provincial Council of Álava. At first there was only the ground floor. In 1858, after the Carlist War, the upper section was added.
  4. Virgen Blanca Square
    It was the old market square in Medieval times. Recently remodelled, it is one of the main centres of the city. In the centre of the square is the monument that commemorates the victory in the Battle of Vitoria (by Gabriel Borrás) that forced Napoleon's troops to flee from the city.
  5. España Square
    Built between 1781 and 1790 under the direction of the local architect Justo Antonio de Olaguibel. The "new" square was built due to the need for a site (outside the medieval walls) where markets and festivals could be held.
  6. Fueros Square
    It was built in 1979 by architect Luis Peña Ganchegui, in collaboration with Eduardo Chillida.
  7. Artium, Basque Centre-Museum of Contemporary Art
    It has a significant collection of more than 3,000 Basque and Spanish works of art and an extensive programme of exhibitions.
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