Cycling routes

To search for a bike route, take the following steps:

  1. Access GEO Vitoria-Gasteiz, map application.
  2. Click on a point of the map using the right-hand button and select "From here".
  3. Click on another point and select "To here".
  4. The default option displayed by the route calculator will be for public transport.
  5. Select "by bicycle" in the column on the left and click on the "how to get there" button. The cycling route will be displayed automatically. The features of the journey will appear in the left-hand side column: time, distance, calories...
  6. You can move the route's start point or destination point using the right-hand button on the mouse.

The route is calculated by assigning a cycling difficulty level to each street in Vitoria-Gasteiz based on the type of bike path in each street and, in the case of streets without bike paths, the amount of vehicle traffic. The steepness of the streets in the Old Quarters has also been taken into account.

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