A sustainable project


A series of measures (such as improved insulation, air-tightness of the building's envelope, solar control in skylights, more efficient installations, energy recovery from air exchange, etc.) were taken during the building's refurbishment to make more efficient use of resources and reduce energy consumption to 60% of previous levels. The building has also reduced its impact on the environment (through less waste-generation and a reduction in CO2 emissions).

Passivhaus system (Spanish)

The refurbishment and extension project followed Passivhaus criteria of greater thermal insulation, reduced energy consumption and the harnessing of the sun's energy for optimum air-conditioning.

Energy (Spanish) PDF

The approach, methodology and environmental improvements used on this conference centre in the capital of the Basque Country will set the future standard for the refurbishment of other buildings in Vitoria-Gasteiz and serve as an example for other cities.

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