Conference venues


Artium - Basque Contemporary Art Centre/Museum

The Artium(Opens in new window), very close to the city's medieval quarter, is home to over 3,000 works of art and contains examples of all the different techniques used in contemporary creation; from painting and sculpture to photography, videos and installations.

The versatility of Artium's two buildings (that are linked underground) and the cutting-edge technical equipment mean you can tailor make any event with, for example: separate entrances for delegates, panelled rooms of different sizes and styles, etc.

What is more, Artium has staff who are highly qualified in the organisation of social and corporate events, product launches, fashion shows, press conferences, gala dinners, etc.

Room Room Room Room Room Room Room
Auditorium 170 -- -- -- -- 125 in fixed seating + 16 pax
Main lobby 230 -- 100 -- -- --
Anteroom 600 150 400 -- -- --
Plaza Room 216 -- 216 -- -- --
Inner plaza (open air space) 2000 -- -- -- -- --
Lower Lobby 290 -- 150 -- -- --
Upper East Room 380 300 400 -- -- 380
Seminar Room 42 -- -- -- -- 20

Alava Technology Park

Alava Technology Park

There are a variety of event installations in the Alava Technology Park meaning that different activities can be held at the same time. All adaptability criteria are met and installations are technically prepared to hold any kind of event, social or business gathering, conference, course, exhibition, etc.

The installations also have a press room, 585m2 exhibition room, auditorium, videoconference rooms, a restaurant, bar and carport

The sugar factory

The old sugar factory, restored in 2000, is a true symbol of the Basque Country's industrial and cultural heritage. Its 9,911 m2 are located in the Ali-Gobeo industrial estate.

Events managers can use any of a dozen versatile rooms perfectly equipped to hold conferences and/or small-scale events. The building also has one multi-purpose hall that can be divided into 3 smaller, inter-connected rooms with 2 offices and projector screens. Large-format events can be held in its 685m2 main hall.


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