The majority of the city's hotels have rooms prepared to hold events. These spaces provide extra back up for conference venues.

Meetings and events rooms Nº of rooms Total capacity Maximum number of people in largest room Parking
Gran Hotel Lakua *****(Opens in new window) 8 946 550 Covered garage
NH Canciller Ayala ****(Opens in new window) 7 722 250 Covered garage
Silken Ciudad de Vitoria ****(Opens in new window) 12 840 400 Covered garage
Boulevard Hotel ****(Opens in new window) 1 55 55 Covered and outdoor garage
Hôtel Jardines de Uleta ****(Opens in new window) 8 880 500 Covered garage
Parador de Argómaniz ****(Opens in new window) 4 210 100 Outdoor garage
AC General Álava ***(Opens in new window) 5 165 80 Covered garage
Holiday Inn Express ***(Opens in new window) 1 25 25 Parking exterior
Hôtel Gobeo Park ***(Opens in new window) 3 315 155 Covered garage
Hôtel Palacio de Elorriaga ***(Opens in new window) 7 915 400 Outdoor garage

If the information on the page does not match your information requirements, please apply via the Citizens' mailbox.