Summer 2022 - Tourism in Vitoria-Gasteiz

Nature, gastronomy, wines with personality and a millenary history go hand in hand in Vitoria-Gasteiz, in a summer in which the Fiestas de La Blanca and other big events return. Prepare your getaway to a sustainable and welcoming city, which also has a long-standing sports tradition, as a cycling and running destination.

Guided tours

personas realizando una visita guiada

Want to discover the city with the help of professional guides? We have a full range of nature-based tours in the Green Belt that surrounds Vitoria-Gasteiz: bird watching in the Salburua Wetlands, forest paths without leaving the city... Added to these tours, there are visits to the Medieval Quarter, family tours and other options for exploring emblematic places by bike

Festivals and cultural events


The Fiestas de la Virgen Blanca are back to transform the city, the main event of a summer that will also feature other key events: the Azkena Rock Festival and the Medieval Market return, and another long-awaited classic will offer a new edition, the Vitoria-Gasteiz Jazz Festival. But the summer will also bring personalities from our screens to visit us with FesTVal, and then later, Magialdia.

Festivities and traditions
Music and festivals

Enogastronomy and markets


The Produce Market, the Rioja Alavesa wines and Txakoli from Álava, typical desserts, pintxos and other typical offerings from Basque gastronomy. Suggestions from a sustainable city that is also committed to local and seasonal products, for a culinary proposal with its own flavour.

Family tourism


Let your little ones be thrilled by the best street shows, family activities in museums or the magic of the theatre, in events designed to let their imagination run wild. You can also explore the city through play, with visits to discover anecdotes from our history or by joining in with the activities at Ataria, the Interpretation Centre of the Salburua Wetlands. Live in green!

Nature and sport

Llegada a la meta del Ironman Vitoria-Gasteiz (foto: The IRONMAN Group)

The Vitoria-Gasteiz Ironman returns to stun you with a great demonstration of effort and sportsmanship. The city also offers other activities for enjoying nature and sports, in urban parks or with options such as cycling tourism on gravel bikes. It's also a city that is committed to running, with routes to suit everybody.

Museums and exhibitions

Palacio Augustin-Zulueta

Let our museums surprise you, designed so that you can adapt your visit to your tastes and needs: in the Fine Arts museum, you'll get to know the Basque Country from 1850 to 1950 through Spanish painting and art, travelling to the 18th and 19th centuries, in the Bibat a curious collection of decks of cards awaits you... Prestigious cultural offerings in buildings that surprise with their structures and content.

Close to Vitoria-Gasteiz


Plans to discover the nature, history, wines and gastronomy in Álava, tours in electric vehicles, castles and towers to delve into our past... Find out what's new to make sure you don't miss anything in the area.

Tourism plans in Álava(Opens in new window).


In the Cuadrilla de Añana(Opens in new window) you'll find the Valle Salado, one of the most outstanding landscapes in the country. It also offers other options such as visiting the Valderejo Natural Park, the Tower-Palace of the Varona Family or taking part in activities such as kayaking and horse riding.


The Cuadrilla de Ayala(Opens in new window) highlights the hiking options in the valley. It is also possible to visit the following centres and museums: Ethnographic Museum of Artziniega, Santxotena Workshop-Museum, Quejana Museum of Sacred Art, Manuel Acha Liqueur Museum and the Aresketamendi renewable energy park.


The Cuadrilla de Campezo-Montaña Alavesa(Opens in new window) is home to the Izki Natural Park, surrounded by rocky mountains and with magnificent panoramic views of the surroundings.

Ullíbarri- Gamboa

The Cuadrilla de Gorbeialdea(Opens in new window) brings us closer to the list of 10 musts in the region, among them, the Gorbea Natural Park, the 'inland sea' of the marshes, the Sanctuary of Oro or the Gujuli waterfall. in new window)

The Cuadrilla de Laguardia-Rioja Alavesa(Opens in new window) takes us on a journey through its landscapes and wineries, paying special attention to its gastronomy, heritage and accommodation. in new window)

In the Cuadrilla de Llanada Alavesa,(Opens in new window) one option is to follow the green route that circles the Ullíbarri-Gamboa reservoir. The region has leaflets and maps, accommodation and restaurants available to its visitors.

The Basque Country

This summer, the Basque Country offers you plans full of character involving nature, sustainable tourism and enogastronomy: in new window)

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