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Francisco de Vitoria auditorium is the most appropriate place for organising conferences. Its amphitheatre shape means speakers are brought closer to their audience. With the ability to seat 437 people, it is equipped with the latest technology.

Data sheet

  • Capacity: 437 seats.
  • Dimensions: 451 m2.
  • Location: first floor.


Francisco de Vitoria auditorium – Sheet Imagen archivo pdf

  • Public address system: table (5 microphones). Lectern (2 microphones). 2 wireless hand-held microphones. 5 wireless headset microphones.
  • Simultaneous translation: 5 simultaneous translation channels.
  • Projection equipment: 1 central motorized screen (3,54 x 3,10 m). 1 portable projector (10.000 lm Full HD). 2 x 82" side screens for projections. Monitor stand. 2 x 15" tracking monitors at President's Table.
  • Audio and video recording equipment: baseline recording camera.
  • Audio line distributor for media: 6 + 6 outlets in room. 1 press box (12 outlets).
  • Internet: cable access at speakers' table. WIFI service with prior registration.
  • Streaming.

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Origin of the room's name

Francisco de Vitoria (1483 – 1546). Descendant of a family from the capital of Álava, he was a theologian, philosopher, jurist and Dominican friar. He trained in Arts and Theology in Paris and was a professor at the universities of Paris, Valladolid and Salamanca. At the latter, he became the Prime Chair of Theology in 1526. His students, who attended his classes with other teachers, nicknamed him "the maestro".

He's considered to be the father of modern international law. Honoured by the UN, the ‘Hall of Councils’ in the Palace of Nations bears his name.

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