Francisco de Vitoria auditorium


Francisco de Vitoria auditorium is the most appropriate place for organising conferences. Its amphitheatre shape means speakers are brought closer to their audience. With the ability to seat 446 people, it is equipped with the latest technology.

Data sheet

  • 437 + 9 people.
  • 451 m2
  • First floor
  • Full day: 1.020 €.
  • Half day: 714 €.


  • Table (5 microphones)
  • Lectern (2 microphones)
  • 2 wireless hand held microphones
  • 2 wireless lapel or headband microphones
Simultaneous translation
  • 6 simultaneous translation channels
Projection equipment:
  • 1 motorized central screen (3.54 x 3.10 m).
  • 1 projector (8500 lumens HD).
  • 2 x 82" side screens for projections.
  • Monitor stand.
  • 2 x 19" tracking monitors at President's Table.
  • 2 DVD recorders.
Presenter laser-pointer
  • 1 presenter laser-pointer
Video and audio recording equipment
  • Baseline recording camera
Line distributor for media audio
  • 6 + 6 outlets in room.
  • 12 outlets in the press cabin.
  • Free 256kbps connection with prior self-registration
  • Access via cable to speakersá table 
  • Free WIFI (256 kb/s) 
  • Charged WIFI  (2 Mb/s)

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