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  • Capacity: 150 theatre seating and 90 table seating. Multipurpose room-presentations-sessions.
  • Dimensions: 191 m2.
  • Location: second floor.


  • Megaphone: table (4 microphones). 1 wireless hand held microphone. 1 wireless lapel microphone or headset.
  • Simultaneous translation: 2 simultaneous translation channels.
  • Projection equipment: 1 motorized screen (2,9 x 1,65 m), 1 projector (6,500 lumens FullHD). 2 table monitors.
  • Internet: access via cable to speakers' table. WIFI service with prior registration.

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Origin of the room's name

It owes its name to the primitive village of Gastehiz, which was located in the city centre and was continuously occupied from the end of the 7th century. In 1181, Sancho El Sabio founded the city of Vitoria and gave it the name of Nueva Victoria.

Euskaltzaindia (the Royal Academy of the Basque Language) recovered this medieval toponym and we came to refer to Vitoria as "Gasteiz" in Standard Basque. The city's official name has been Vitoria-Gasteiz since 1980 when it was elected capital of the Basque Country.

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