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The City Council of Vitoria-Gasteiz provides citizens with a range of services that can be managed via Internet.

The complete list of these services can be accessed via shortcuts or by clicking on the link in the header (top right) of the municipal web site pages.

City Council online

There are different types of on-line services through which citizens may make arrangements, process paperwork, register for different events, make payments...

Some of these services will require the use of a digital ID card.

List of on-line services

As mentioned above, a digital ID is not always necessary for all procedures. One of the most widely used processes and that allows users to identify themselves using a digital system or simply entering their name and surname is when applying for a municipal register of inhabitants certificate.

How to obtain a municipal register of inhabitants certificate

This certificate, available from the general service section in the online service list, can be requested by any person without need for digital identification.

Access without digital certificate

When accessing, enter your name and surname without stress marks and in capital letters, together with your national identity card number omitting the letter and then click on OK.

Enter personal data

Then, enter your street and click on Search.

Enter street

Choose the number of your house from the list.

Select house number from list.

End the process by clicking on OK.

Confirm request.

Finally, the certificate will be created in pdf format and will be displayed automatically on the screen using Adobe Acrobat. If the applicant is not registered in the said household, the application will not generate any type of document and will notify you of the error.

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