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Technical information

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The principles or criteria used in the design, development, management and maintenance of the spaces that make up the Green Belt, have been formulated in order to pursue values of eco-efficiency, economy of resources, adaptation to the landscape and the morphology of the location, functionality for public use and many other issues. The aim is not only to make economic savings but also to secure clear ecological advantages.

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Several examples that illustrate the way in which this type of criteria has been applied and taken into consideration in such wide-ranging aspects as the design of installations or plant management are given below:

Infrastructures and equipment: a "different" approach

The parks of the Green Belt feature a number of unique characteristics: they have virtually no artificial lighting, most of the tracks are made from compacted earth and their rubbish collection and information points, car parks and fountains are located exclusively near the entrances to the parks and areas contact with the city. In short, our intention has been to eliminate all of the features common to urban parks in order to invite users to adopt an attitude of respect for nature.

Efficient and easily-maintained materials

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Basically, the materials used for the construction of furniture and installations are steel and wood. The basic criteria used in their design include the expressive sincerity of materials, economy of resources, durability and ease of maintenance, as well as compliance with environmental protection and energy efficiency regulations.

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