Vitoria-Gasteiz Green Belt - Salburua Park

Vitoria-Gasteiz Green Belt

Salburua Park

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ROUTE 1: Betoño Pond

Technical data

Length of the route: 2.5 km

Estimated time: 40 minutes

Betoño Pond

Description of the route

The route begins at the entrance to Salburua Park, along Paseo de los Humedales (Wetlands Walk) (1). The path borders the banks of Betoño Lagoon (2), next to a poplar wood (3). At the mid-point of this route we shall turn left toward Duranzarra Lagoon (4), which we shall cross over several wooden walkways. Then, we shall continue along an urban-type street bordering the Ataria building. We shall leave this path and head towards Arcaute Pond. Once on the path that borders Arcaute Pond, we shall walk in the direction of the "Las Zumas" bird observatory. Passing it on our left, we shall continue to cross-roads where we shall cross over the rivers Santo Tomás and Errekaleor on wooden bridges (5) and continue to the next intersection, where we shall take path on the left. Continuing along the path, we shall reach the Salburua meadows and the entrance to the park via Juan Carlos I Avenue (6). We shall now enter the lower part of the park, with Bolevar de Salburua Street on our left until we return to Paseo de los Humedales (Wetlands Walk) after crossing a walkway over the water. Finally, a path that runs parallel to the street will take us to the departure point.

Betoño Walk

ROUTE 2: Arcaute Pond

Technical data

Length of the route: 4 km

Estimated time: 1 hour

Description of the route

This route commences at the information point (2), located at the Arcaute entrance to Salburua Park (1). Bordering the oak forest, the path leads to the Los Fresnos observatory (4), from where the fauna of these wetlands can be viewed. In order to proceed, we must return to the path that borders Arcaute Pond. We must follow the route, bordering the wetlands (5), until we reach Larregana Lagoon (6). From there, we shall continue the round route and take a turn that leads to the Las Zumas observatory or head north, leaving the Fernando Buesa Arena Pavillion behind and, taking the Walk along River Alegría (7), reach Zadorra, in the Gamarra area.

Salburua Walk

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