Urban parks – Tourism in Vitoria-Gasteiz

In addition to the parks that form the green belt surrounding the city (Salburua, Zadorra, Zabalgana, Olarizu and Errekaleor), Vitoria-Gasteiz boasts a large number of green spaces and urban parks. Urban parks are spaces with trees and gardens for public use. In these spaces you can find ponds, play parks, walking areas, fountains, monuments...

La Florida Park


These are the city's most representative gardens, situated right in the centre of Vitoria-Gasteiz. La Florida was designed as a large botanical garden of the Romantic era in the style of the French gardens of 19th-century. It contains 95 different species and some trees are over 100 years old.

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Prado Park

Parque del PradoThe Prado is a park widely used by Vitoria citizens, especially by people who enjoy running. The history of this park goes back to the twelfth century when it was used as grazing land for domestic animals. It is home to 21 species of deciduous trees. The most outstanding specimens that can be contemplated are horse chestnut, ash, lime and maple.

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Arriaga Park

Grulla en el parque de Arriaga

Arriaga Park - built around a chapel where nobles used to swear fealty - is, thanks to its 190,000 square metres, mainly populated with acacias, poplars, rose gardens and numerous herbs. It also features a lake frequented by several species of birds.

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Vertical garden and terrace of the Europa Congress Palace

Edificio del palacio Europa

The Europa Congress Palace has become an icon of sustainable architecture. It was the first conference building in Spain to attain the Passivhaus XXL certification and features a large vegetal façade and a rooftop with views of the city's inner Green Belt.

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Judimendi Park

Turismo- Judimendi

Judimendi Park is located in the city's former Jewish cemetery, which was presented to the city authorities in the fifteenth century when the Catholic Monarchs decreed their expulsion. Within the park you may admire the monolith that recalls its history. This beautiful area is now known for its white poplars.

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San Martín Park

Turismo - Parque San MartínSan Martín Park offers approximately 85,000 square metres where visitors may encounter 11 different species of conifers, 66 species of broad-leaf trees and a lot of rose bushes.

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More parks

As well as these parks, it's well worth visiting the Obispo Ramón Fernández de Piérola Gardens: which have botanical species such as strawberry trees, magnolia trees and boxwood shrubs, not to mention the ’Crocodile’ and ‘Rhinoceros’, sculptures by Koko Rico. The La Senda Path is also a highlight, a route among enormous century-old banana trees and which links with the Zulueta Palace Gardens. And, on the Paseo Fray Francisco de Vitoria, lined by horse chestnut trees on both sides, you can visit the gardens of the Augustin Zulueta Palace (Museum of Fine Arts).

Beyond the normal tourist routes, the Molinuevo Park (Park of the North) includes a variety of hardwood and conifer species. Note the blue spruce, the ginkgo and the lofty palms. And Aranbizkarra Park offers excellent birch, beech and oak trees.

Map of Parks and Gardens

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