Why Vitoria-Gasteiz? - Awards

Green Capital award

Together with the active commitment and involvement of the public, these projects have led to Vitoria-Gasteiz being designated European Green Capital 2012, the most important of a long list of awards given to our city.

  • The city was chosen as a sustainability model in Europe at the 2nd Sustainable Cities Conference in Lisbon.
  • "Barrendero Ecológico" prize for the cleanest city (second consecutive year).
  • "Ecological Municipality 1999" prize granted by the magazine Expansión and Arthur Andersen.
  • The Green Belt was chosen by the UNO from among the 100 best actions in the world and was categorised as BEST. (Best Practices Database(Opens in new window)).
  • The 5th National Environmental Congress awarded Vitoria-Gasteiz the National Environmental Education Prize.
  • "Urban quality and social cohesion, Vitoria-Gasteiz". Project selected at the Best Practices Competition sponsored by Dubai and categorised as GOOD (Best Practices Database(Opens in new window)).
  • Honourable mention awarded by the Spanish Waste Club.
  • Blue Flag Sustainable City prize given for the eighth year in a row for the city's waste management policies.
  • "The Green Belt of Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain) Continuation". Project selected at the Best Practices Competition sponsored by Dubai and categorised as BEST. (Best Practices Database(Opens in new window))
  • ISR prize for selective waste collection awarded by the Sustainability of Resources Institute.
  • In June, 2005 the United Nations' Programme for the Environment (PNUMA-UNEP) recognised the leadership shown by Vitoria-Gasteiz by inviting the city to form part, together with another 49 cities from all over the world, of the group set up to promote the Green Cities Agreement of San Francisco.
  • 1st Local Best Practices Award in climate issues of the Spanish network of Cities for Climate.
  • Bioenergy Prize of the Technical Association for the Management of Waste and the Environment.
  • 2007 Sustainable City Prize for the most sustainable city overall. Environmental Forum Foundation.
  • "Spanish Sustainable City" award at the 4th National Environment Congress.
  • National Environmental Education Award at the 5th National Environment Congress.
  • "Most sustainable city" award given by the Environmental Forum Foundation.
  • Europa Nostra Awards for the refurbishment of the Mediaeval Quarter of the city and the rehabilitation of the Cathedral of Santa Maria.
  • "Civitas" award, the highest European transport award for public participation.

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