Pilgrim's Route to Santiago - Tourism in Vitoria-Gasteiz

This Route aims to provide today's pilgrims on the Saint James' Way an opportunity to cross the city following the signs that have been placed in the ground to indicate the route


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Starting point: Santiago Street

  1. Santiago Street
    The name is taken from the hospital located on this street, which opened in 1820 in memory of the former medieval hospital from 1420, built under the patronage of Santiago (Saint James).
  2. Portal del Rey and Nueva Dentro Street (Former Jewish quarter)
    The name of this street is associated with a visit by Emperor Charles V to the city in 1524.
  3. Christ of San Ildefonso
    A magnificent Gothic carving from the fourteenth century that was very popular, especially among pilgrims.
  4. Santa Maria Cathedral
    A guided tour of the temple (which was built in the XIII century) is a must for pilgrims because it contains several elements related to the Apostle Saint James inside. Attached to the cathedral is the parish of Santa Maria, which was formerly a chapel dedicated to St. James, that conserves several images of the saint.
  5. Escoriaza-Esquivel Palace
    A renaissance palace in the Plateresque style with a beautiful patio (no visits allowed). It was built between 1530 and 1541 by Fernán López de Escoriaza, physician to Emperor Charles V.
  6. Montehermoso Palace (cultural centre)
    This palace (which was originally a convent for the Dominican order) is now dedicated to modern art.
  7. Portico of the Church of San Pedro
    This church is from the fourteenth century and has a beautiful image of Saint James as a pilgrim.
  8. Palace of the Province
    The building dates from 1833 and was designed by Martín Saracibar. In the square, sheltered by a shrine, stands a statue of Mateo de Moraza, defender of the Charter.
  9. Virgen Blanca Square
    The old town square was renamed in 1901 in honour of the patron saint.
  10. General Loma Square - Convent of San Antonio
    A building from 1622, which is a valuable example of unornamented Baroque.
  11. Basque Parliament Building
    This building was originally built by Pantaleón Iradier in 1853 as a secondary school. It has housed the Basque Parliament since 1982.
  12. La Florida Park
    A beautiful garden originally designed in the Parisian style (in 1820) and finished as an English garden in 1856.
  13. Paseo de la Senda
    This is a beautiful promenade between old plane trees and mansions from the late nineteenth century. Halfway along is the garden of the Zulueta Palace.
  14. Fray Francisco de Vitoria Street
    This street, lined with splendid horse chestnut trees, features a roundabout with a sculpture of Fray Francisco (born in Vitoria in 1486), an eminent lawyer and promoter of international law.
  15. Basilica of San Prudencio in Armentia
    This basilica is from 1181, but underwent a profound restructuring in the eighteenth century. It was the spiritual centre of Álava in the Middle Ages.
  16. Peregrino Street
    Recently opened, it bids farewell to pilgrims who have to continue their route to Santiago.


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