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The city has had three walls throughout its history. You can visit two sections of the oldest one, from the 11th century: one was restored in the decade of 1960 in Lombard style and is located next to the Escoriaza-Esquivel Palace; in the other section, behind the Villa Suso Palace, a wooden structure was added to the remaining masonry wall to achieve the original height. The result was a walkway-viewpoint which follows the old ring passage. The project received a special mention at the Europa Nostra awards.


  1. The Silent Corner, between the wall viewpoint and the Villa Suso Palace, features posts with phrases written by Mario Benedetti about memory and oblivion.
  2. The Olave cold store, located along the same section, was used to supply ice to the city in the 19th century.
  3. "The shortest night", a mural located in the City Wall Garden, can be accessed via the Cantón de las Carnicerías (Butcher District).
  4. The remains of the second wall, from the 13th century, in the Church of San Pedro. In its walls, you can still see battlements and loophole windows from this second defence system, built after the medieval city was extended westward. in new window)


Cantón de la Carnicerías s/n y c/Fray Zacarías s/n , 01001 Vitoria-Gasteiz. View with Google Maps(Opens in new window)

360º Virtual tour (Cantón de las Carnicerías)(Opens in new window)

360º Virtual tour (Fray Zacarías)(Opens in new window)

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Fundación Catedral Santa María(Opens in new window). in new window)

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