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Zabalgana park

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Part of what today is the Zabalgana park was occupied by an old gravel pit, which used to supply the building sector. When its commercial activities ceased, the pit was in a very degraded state, with holes of up to 10 m cut into the earth. In some areas, waste had been allowed to accumulate and there were other areas flooded with muddy water, uncontrolled dumping, and so on.

The adjacent natural gall oak woodland, which extended as far as mount Ali and was surrounded by farming land, was also degraded as a consequence of the abusive felling of trees for firewood, intensive grazing, fires, etc.

In view of the degradation and general damage done to this area, the restoration of the ecology and landscape of the areas affected by the operations of the gravel pit and the regeneration of the gall oak wood was initiated in order to create a leisure area, which would also be used for environmental education activities.

The land affected by the gravel pit was remodelled, developed and converted into meadow areas, with gently sloping hills and small plantations arranged in the form of scattered copses. The hills offered vantage points for viewing the Mountains of Vitoria, with their summits of Zaldiaran and Eskibel, the Badaia mountain range, mount Gorbea and the crests of Anboto.

The restoration and development work carried out in Zabalgana, which were begun in 1993 and completed in 1999, represented the first of the actions taken within the Green Belt project of Vitoria-Gasteiz.

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