Vitoria-Gasteiz Film Office - Filming in Vitoria-Gasteiz

Film Office - Filming in Vitoria-Gasteiz

In this section you will find all the information you need to plan your shooting in the city, as well as the necessary filming permits.

Use of public areas

Vitoria-Gasteiz Film Office will process free of charge the filming permits to shoot in public places and properties, such as parks, gardens and historical buildings among others.

  1. Applying for a filming permit: Fill in the form for a filming permit in Vitoria-Gasteiz pdf and send it to Vitoria-Gasteiz Film Office ( in a minimum period of 10 working days.
  2. Submit a brief synopsis of the script, the working plan and a copy of the insurance policy.
  3. When shooting in the street, all the material and wiring should be properly marked and protected to ensure the security of pedestrians. Besides, it must be notified in advance to take appropriate protection and security measures.
  4. Any change in the urban furniture should be notified by indicating the element that needs to be changed, along with a picture, and specifying the location and filming dates in that place.
  5. As far as possible, all public space elements shall be respected and, at the end of every shooting day, the public space should be left in perfect conditions, in the same way it was found.
  6. In case of needing to inform the neighbours and the traders of the area, the production company should put a notification on the affected numbers with 5 days in advance.

Signposting and traffic interruption

  1. Areas involved in the shooting must be well marked, giving way to pedestrians and vehicles. It is important to indicate clearly all the locations in the application form, by means of map links or by specifying intervals, in order to set them up properly.
  2. During poor visibility conditions or traffic interruption, or when shooting at night, warning lights and signposting should be placed. The staff shall wear reflective jackets as well.
  3. The minimum timeframe of 7-10 days must be extended as much as possible whenever a traffic interruption is requested. It is recommended that the interruption be intermittent, avoiding rush hours, and/or on weekends to avoid daily traffic problems.
  4. The neighbours will be on notice about the days and hours the traffic interruption will take place and, if necessary, about the impossibility to park in the area during the filming dates. In addition, when the Traffic Area requires it, an announcement will be placed in the local media, coordinated by the Vitoria-Gasteiz Film Office and at the production company's expense.

Shooting involving weapons and/or explosives

In case of using weapons and/or explosives during the shooting, the guns must be blank and issued. Furthermore, their documentation must be in order, and a copy must be sent to V-GFO.

In addition to this, and always before filming this kind of scenes, it will be necessary to notify the local authorities (police, firefighter and emergency services).

Simulation of security and emergency services

Before shooting scenes with official uniforms or with vehicles that simulate security or emergency services, it will be necessary to give notice to the Vitoria-Gasteiz Film Office.

Insurance Policies

Before the shooting, a copy of the Civil Liability policy should be provided, in order to cover any injuries or damages which may occur while filming.

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