Vitoria-Gasteiz Film Office - Medieval city

Film Office - Medieval city

Vitoria-Gasteiz is home to one of the most beautiful and best preserved Medieval Quarters in all the north of the Iberian Peninsula. Declared Monumental Site in 1997, it still preserves its medieval layout intact.

A walk through the city is a walk through art and history: its narrow and elliptical streets evoke us stories of a time gone by, and its valuable historical heritage is witness of artistic styles from Gothic to Neoclassical. Evidence of this, are its medieval and renaissance buildings like The Cord House, The House of Gobeo, and the Portalón among others, and its religious buildings, like Santa Maria Cathedral(Opens in new window), which inspired the novel 'World without end' by Ken Follet.

All these attributes make Vitoria-Gasteiz a perfect set where develop stories of any epoch. A city full of contrasts, where the diversity of its corners and its closeness to incomparable natural landscapes will turn each production into a unique experience.

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