Environmental Studies Centre - Environmental Information System


The aim of the Environmental Information System (SI@M) is the collection, storage, structuring, access, and analysis of information related to the environment and municipal territory.

SI@M collects a wide range of data and documents of environmental interest: Basic and themed cartography, technical studies about nature and biodiversity, records from sampling stations for air quality, water and climate, reports, projects, etc. In addition, other types of information are incorporated such as aerial photographs, satellite images, and related databases.

> Environmental Information Catalogue

Catalogue in which descriptive environmental information data is collected.


> Environmental Atlas

Cartography information and tables ordered by subjects.


> Technical studies

Technical and scientific studies carried out by the CEA or other administrations, related to the environment in the municipality: water quality, biodiversity, territory, mobility, etc.


> Publications

CEA Publications.

Publication cover

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