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Olarizu is an incredibly light, versatile, diaphanous room over six metres high. It is especially suitable for à la carte assemblies, such as thematic exhibitions, fairs, closing ceremonies or catering services, amongst other options. It has a seated stand in four modules for a total of 1.200 people.

Data sheet

  • Capacity : 1.200 theatre seats or people standing. Versatile and adaptable.
  • Dimensions: 1.400 m2.
  • Location: ground floor.
  • Light: zenithal natural light. Closable.


Olarizu room – Sheet Imagen archivo pdf

  • Public Address system: table (3 microphone). 2 wireless hand-held microphones. 2 wireless headset microphones.
  • Projection equipment: 1 portable projector (20.000 lm HD) and fixed position.
  • Audio and video recording equipment: baseline recording camera.
  • Internet: cable access at speakers' table. WIFI service with prior registration.
  • Other equipment: retractable tiered seating. 1st floor multi-purpose perimeter (balcony). Direct access loading dock at street level.

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Origin of the room's name

The Olarizu Park is one of the 6 that make up the Green Belt. It is located to the south of the city and has a 120-hectare Botanical Garden that houses over a thousand different species.

It is of important historical and cultural value as it contains vestiges of the existence of an old fortified town from the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC. Its name comes from the toponym of an old village that was depopulated in the 14th century.

The famous pilgrimage of Olarizu takes place on the first Monday after the Nativity of the Virgin (8th of September).

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