Vitoria-Gasteiz Green Belt - Zadorra Park

Vitoria-Gasteiz Green Belt

Zadorra Park

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ROUTE 1: Zadorra, from Ibaiondo to Gobeo

Technical data

Length of the route: 5 km

Estimated time: 1 hour and 15 minutes

Description of the route

This route is not exclusively pedestrian. It uses a local road and, therefore, extreme caution must be exercised.

We shall begin the tour from Zadorra Avenue and cross Yurre bridge in the direction of the said town. On reaching Yurre (1), the road turns left and leaqds to Lopidana (3) among fields of crops (2). We must cross this town and head for Gobeo, passing a traditional wash-house. We shall continue along the road and, on our right, at a distance of about 200 metres, we will be able to see the Calzazarra oak forest (4). Once we reach Gobeo (5), we shall cross the bridge over the Zadorra River and, passing the church on our right, we shall head towards Alibarra Street (the western extension of Zadorra Avenue). The way back to the starting point can be along these two streets in the town or, preferably, along a small path that runs parallel to the Zadorra River (6) and that belongs to the network of paths and routes of Atxa-Landaberde Park.

Zadorra Walk

ROUTE 2: Zadorra, from Abetxuko to Eskalmendi

Technical data

Length of the route: 8 km

Estimated time: 2 hours

Description of the route

We shall start the tour in Zadorra Avenue, where we shall follow a path that runs next to the Zadorra River (1) and takes us to the entrance of Gamarra Mayor. At this point we must exercise extreme caution with the traffic on our way to Eskalmendi. On the section between Gamarra and Eskalmendi, there are two paths (2) on the right-hand bank of the river at the flood level and, therefore, we can continue (provided that the area is not flooded) to the beginning of the Green Route to the Arlaban Pass (3). When the said paths cannot be used, the alternative is to make the detour through the city along the streets between the sports complex and the Gamara industrial area (Olmos Avenue, Barrachi Street). To return to the starting point, we can take the same route or cross Gamarra Mayor (4) to an road that heads west and that leads to a farm track that leads to Abetxuko (5). We can make our way around the urban area of Abetxuko, leaving the church of San Miguel to our right and continuing to La Presa Street, from where we can cross the bridge over the Zadorra River and return to the starting point.


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