Green Belt of Vitoria-Gasteiz - Zadorra park

Green Belt of Vitoria-Gasteiz

Zadorra park

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Atxa-Landaverde section is located to the north of the Ibaiondo residential estate, on the left bank of the river Zadorra, between Yurre and Gobeo. It owes its name to the hills on which it is located, a number of marly hillocks typical of the landscape of the Llanada Alavesa.

Atxa hill contains one of this section?s singular features. This is an archaeological site called the Atxa settlement dating from the 2nd Iron Age (4th and 3rd centuries BC) and a Roman military camp (1st century AD), the excavation of which was completed in 1988.

This section has a markedly linear layout, with an extension of 170,000 m2 and a length of 1,170 m. The restoration work on the ecology and landscape of this place, which until just a short time ago was an uncontrolled landfill and the site of market gardens and other illegal activities, gives some idea of the appearance this space will have in the near future. The entrance to the park is situated on a broad vantage point that affords panoramic views of the countryside to the north. The meadows and heaths of the higher areas of the park give over to mixed woodland and gall oak woods will populate the lower areas. Towards the river, a number of natural meadows have been developed where visitors are able to sit and reflect and priority will be given to re-establishing and conserving the banks of the river Zadorra throughout their extension.

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