Green Belt of Vitoria-Gasteiz - Zadorra park

Green Belt of Vitoria-Gasteiz

Zadorra park

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This section, with an approximate surface area of 10 hectares, represents the prolongation of the promenade along the river Alegría. It contains 2700 m of pedestrian and cycle paths, which, together with already existing itineraries, provide users with somewhat more than 4.5 km of paths from Salburua to Gamarra Mayor.

Gamarra section was created as a result of thefirst stage of the overall development project of the river Zadorra, a project which aims to modify the hydrological conditions of the river in order to avoid the flooding that affects Gamarra on a periodic basis. Another aim of the project is the environmental restoration of the bed and banks of the river, as well as its full integration into the Green Belt. The section in question runs between the bridge in Gamarra Mayor and the bridge on the A-1 dual carriageway where this passes through Gamarra Menor.

From Gamarra Mayor to Abetxuko, which constitutes a new stage of the project, an urban river park, created some years ago, runs along the left bank of the river, consisting of large meadows with copses of lime trees, poplars, willows and other leafy trees, frequented on a regular basis by the inhabitants of this municipality.

This area represents the first link towards the west of the park of the river Zadorra and forms part of the Green Belt.

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