The Romantic Route - Tourism in Vitoria-Gasteiz

This is the social heart of the city with a large shopping centre made up of establishments of all kinds, from 100-year-old stores to a wide range of restaurants, cinemas and theatres.


Turismo - Rutas - Romántica

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Starting point: Dato Street

  1. Eduardo Dato Street
    This is the city's commercial artery. Please take a look at the Vitoria Bank (a construction from 1928 at No. 1 on the street), at the Houses of Arrieta (at No. 2) and the building of the Caja Laboral, which was the former Café Suizo (Swiss Café), from 1870.
  2. Arca Square
    We must mention the Bankoa building (which resembles the ancient tower houses) and Banco Santander (which mixes medieval elements with romantic touches). This square features a bronze sculpture of El Caminante (The Wanderer) by Juanjo Eguizábal, which is a symbol of the city.
  3. Pando-Argüelles House (41, San Antonio Street)
    It was built in 1911 and stands out for its striking blue dome with orange stars.
  4. House of Music (in San Antonio Street)
    From the original building (from 1880), only the facade and the first bay remain.
  5. Civil Government Building (1-15, Olaguíbel Street)
    This building was built on the site of the demolished convent of San Francisco in 1930.
  6. Fueros Square
    Pay attention to the maze that hides the sculpture by Eduardo Chillida.
  7. Principal Theatre (29, San Prudencio Street)
    Built in 1917, it was inaugurated one year later and known as the "New Theatre of Vitoria". It was designed by Cesareo Iradier, who was inspired by the Madrid Theatre, in the Italian style.
  8. Fournier House (46, Manuel Iradier Street)
    Heraclio Fournier installed his first card factory in this house (built between 1886 and 1887).
  9. Station Square
    The arrival of the railroad led to an extensive transformation of the city in the nineteenth century. The current building is from 1929. in new window)

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