The Green Belt of Vitoria Gasteiz - History

Anillo Verde de Vitoria-Gasteiz

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After 18 years of existence, today, the Green Belt project finds itself at an intermediate stage in its development with regard to its size and the diversity of its objectives and functions.

However, from the viewpoint of its physical preparation, the project is at an advanced stage of execution. Several of its spaces have already been consolidated but there are still several degraded areas that need to be restored. In the future, the Green Belt will occupy a surface area of almost 900 hectares.

On the other hand, access to some points of the Green Belt continues to be difficult and the network of connections between the different parks and the city and the mountain areas are still not fully resolved.

Regarding its use by the public, it can be said that although the overall numbers of visitors are increasing gradually, some parts of the Green Belt have "relatively low" or "lower" visitor levels and require preferential attention for their promotion and/or enhancement.

Although we should not forget that there is still a lot to do, the future is promising. There are many ideas, proposals and initiatives designed to consolidate the physical and social identity of this space, which aims to be an example of integrated territorial management, to strike a balance between public use, urban planning considerations and the conservation of natural values.

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