Family tourism - Tourism in Vitoria-Gasteiz

Vitoria-Gasteiz is the ideal place to visit with children. We have an interactive interpretation centre where little ones and adults can make the most of nature. And if history is your thing, we have children's trips so that you can explore the city in a fun way.


To know the city and its history...

Turismo - visitas familiares

  • Family-centred guided visits. Enjoy the prettiest spots in Vitoria-Gasteiz.
  • Santa Maria Cathedral and its restauration work. Put on a hard hat and follow the cathedral guides on a journey through history.
  • 11th Century City Wall. Making us feel like we are in a medieval tale.
  • the train: The "Gasteiztxo", our train for tourists, will show you some of the charms of the city on a trip that takes, approximately 45 minutes (In summer).

To enjoy nature and sport...

Turismo - naturaleza - familia

To get closer to art...


Activities and guided tours for families

  • Guided tours for families. On Saturdays, some of the museums offer different guided tours for families. More precisely, the musuems are: BIBAT, Natural Science and Armory museums. Duration: 1hour 30 min.
  • Celebrate your Birthday at the museum!. A unique experience to celebrate your Birthday. BIBAT, Natural Science and Armory museums give you the chance to celebrate your special day in them. Ages: from 5 to 10.
  • Christmas program at the museums. During that time of the year, some of the museums in the city offer different activities for families and children. Ages: from 5 to 11.
  • Summer program at the museums. All along the month of July, Vitoria's musuems get together to offer different activies for the little ones. You can take part in all kind of activities and guided tours in the museums.Ages: from 5 to 11.

More information: the official web pages of the museums and the following link(Opens in new window).

To take a break...

Paseo de Fray Francisco

  • Pirate ship, in the Lakua district. A 33-metre-long ship full of games, to let your imagination go wild.
  • City parks and gardens , with children's play areas.
  • "The terrace route": places located in pedestrian areas or parks where mums and dads can peacefully have something to eat or drink while the children play nearby.

Useful information

Just in case: The paediatric emergency service is based at Txagorritxu Hospital(Opens in new window). Tel. 945 00 70 00

Video: A city for the whole family in new window)

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