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Anillo Verde de Vitoria-Gasteiz

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Technical information

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In accordance with the "multipurpose nature" of the Green Belt and in view of the initial situation of several of these spaces and their different characteristics and uses, since 1992, a large number of projects and development actions have been undertaken with the general purpose of promoting the values of nature, facilitating the use of these spaces by the public and securing the effective connectivity between the main parks and other green areas and natural spaces.

In each of the parks, a number of specific actions have also been undertaken to increase their variety and complexity and, in some cases, to resolve other, associated problems. Joint solutions have been applied in the work done on the wetlands of Salburua, for example, and the Park of the River Zadorra. In both cases this has involved their environmental and hydrological recovery.

General actions

The development of the Green Belt has involved a broad range of building work and activities of different types and importance. Many of them have been performed by contractors and others, mostly related to forestry work involved in the management of wooded areas, have, on occasions, been carried out by the students-workers of several employment-training programmes. In this way, the Green Belt is being used to enable young, unemployed persons to do practical training courses to enable them to enter the job market.

Actions of an environmental nature

  • Restoration of degraded areas: woods, wetlands, river banks.
  • Restoration and promotion of ecological corridors.
  • Improvements in the natural environment aimed at increasing biodiversity.
  • Use of plants for landscaping and recreation.
  • Minimisation of the impact of infrastructures such as electricity lines and roadways.
  • Elimination of waste dumping points and sources of contamination.
  • Adaptation of the hydraulic functionality of river beds and flood protection.

Actions to plan and improve use by the public

  • Preparation of places intended for public use.
  • Preparation of internal routes and connections.
  • Improvement of access points and parking places.
  • Water network connections and the installation of fountains.
  • Installation of signposting and information elements.
  • Installation of street furniture.
  • Information, education and environmental interpretation installations.

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