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The jewel in the crown of the whole conference centre is the María de Maeztu auditorium; a modern and warm space, perfect for holding large plenary sessions, commemorative events or events that need a stage.

Data sheet

  • Capacity: 721 seats.
  • Dimensions: 567 m2.
  • Stage: 147 m2.
  • Location: ground floor.


María de Maeztu auditorium – Sheet Imagen archivo pdf

  • Public Address system: table (5 microphones). Monitor stand (2 microphones). 2 wireless hand-held microphones. 5 wireless headset microphones.
  • Simultaneous translation: 2 simultaneous translation channels.
  • Projection equipment: 1 motorized screen (800 x 600 cm). 1 portable projector (16.000 lm HD). 1 x 46" monitor on stage. 3 table monitors.
  • Lighting equipment: 1 ETC Element lighting table. 14 clipping LEDs ETC Source Four Led. 9 pairs LED ETC Color Source CE Par.
  • Internet: cable access at speakers' table. WIFI service with prior registration.
  • Streaming.

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Origin of the room's name

María de Maeztu (1881 – 1948). She was a teacher, pedagogue, school director and lecturer. Sister of Ramiro de Maeztu and the painter Gustavo de Maeztu. She studied Teaching and Law and completed her studies in several European countries. Staunch defender for free education for women and the equality of men and women.

In Madrid, she founded the International Residence for Young Ladies, where Lorca, Azorín and Ortega y Gasset, of whom she was a disciple, participated in gatherings. The Spanish Civil War saw her move to Argentina, a country where she continued to teach. She died in Mar de Plata.

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