St. James's Way - Tourism in Vitoria-Gasteiz

Tourism - St. James's Way

The pilgrimage to Santiago via Vitoria-Gasteiz became very popular in the Middle Ages as an alternative to the French way. This route is currently known as part of the Inland Basque Way(Opens in new window), a route which connects Irún to Burgos or Santo Domingo de la Calzada and along which stopping off in Vitoria is a must.


  1. Strolling along the St James’s urban route, discovering hospitals, churches etc.
  2. Ensuring that one of the stages of the St. James's Way is in Álava(Opens in new window).
  3. Find the Peregrin@ statue in the Etxanobe Gardens, sculpted in the trunk of a giant sequoia.
  4. Beholding the medieval imagery of the portico in the Basilica of San Prudencio in Armentia.
  5. Taking leave of the city along the Paseo del Peregrino.

St. James's Way via Vitoria pdf | St. James's Way via Álava pdf in new window)

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