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Los Arquillos arched promenade

Work of the genius architect, Justo Antonio de Olaguibel. Its construction, at the end of the 18th century, served to bridge the 23 metre difference in height between the medieval city and the Neoclassical expansion. Over the arches, (los arquillos, hence its name), stone buildings were constructed and a further two portico galleries were built, providing another connection between the medieval quarter and the main square.


  1. Walk along the “Arquillos del Ala” to the “Arquillos del Juicio” from the ‘faralón’ , a popular meeting place in the town.
  2. Discover the stairs which take you up to the Plaza de España and the Plaza del Machete.
  3. Notice how the construction fits in well amongst the surrounding buildings and squares.
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Paseo de los Arquillos, 01001 Vitoria-Gasteiz. View with Google Maps(Opens in new window)

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