Sustainable Tourism - Tips for visitors

Biosphere 2018

Welcome to Vitoria-Gasteiz, European Green Capital 2012 and sustainable tourist destination. Do you want to be a responsible visitor? We know the answer to that: Yes! And we would like to make a few suggestions:

Before your visit

  • Search for information about us: history, traditions, culture, nature, heritage, customs, gastronomy, etc. to make the most of your trip!
  • Prioritize the most sustainable means of transport to come.
  • Whenever you can, choose tour operators, transport companies, accommodation, guides, etc. that are committed to the environment.

During your visit

After your visit

If something has gone wrong, tell us about it, help us to improve. And if there has been something you have especially liked, share your experience with other people, invite them to get to know Vitoria-Gasteiz.

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If the information on the page does not match your information requirements, please apply via the Citizens' mailbox.