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The Energy Agency of Vitoria-Gasteiz (AEVI), created in 2007, encourages efficient energy management of municipal activity and the provision of municipal services. With this purpose, it develops actions and implements the contained objectives in the planning for the fight against climate change and for energy together with other departments, organisations, municipal businesses, administrations, and sectors involved.

The Agency constitutes a model not only at the internal municipal level in the determination and installation of projects for sensible energy use and renewable energies development, but also at the local level in carrying out good energy practices.


  • Prepare and establish Energy Plans and Vitoria-Gasteiz Strategies for the Prevention of Climate Change.
  • Encourage the integration of the guidelines for energy saving, efficiency, and sustainability in all scopes of municipal management.
  • Promote renewable energies in Vitoria-Gasteiz.
  • Involve, raise awareness, and inform the population about the sensible use of energy.


  • Obtain integration of energy sustainability/alleviation of climate change in all scopes of the municipal management, encouraging and pushing the introduction of guidelines for sensible energy use (saving and efficiency) and the use of renewable energies in the provision of public services.
  • Support the municipal departments, organisations, and businesses in the development and establishment of energy projects and in the search for their financing.
  • Become the energy reference for the City Council to other administrations, energy companies, citizens, etc.
  • Introduce guidelines for energy efficiency in the bidding procedures in the framework of public contracting.
  • Obtain society participation in the application of energy policies/alleviation of climate change.
  • Disseminate good energy practices among citizens, businesses, etc.
  • Support the development of energy services and other innovative practices.
  • Ensure that the energy/climate change management of the City Council activity sets good example for other activities in the municipality to follow, whilst the municipality of Vitoria-Gasteiz also serves as a model for other European municipalities in the field of energy/climate change.


  • Analysis, energy/climate change planning, development, and planning evaluation by means of periodic updating of energy and greenhouse gas emission inventories
  • Advising, coordination, and encouragement of actions for the promotion of sensible energy use and renewable energies.
  • Search for and management of funding for audits, energy improvements, information for citizens, etc.
  • Centre for documentation and advice on saving, efficiency, renewable energies, and the fight against climate change.
  • Collaboration in energy matters with other administrations, businesses, technology centres, educational centres, financial centres, etc.
  • Organisation of the European Sustainable Energy Week.
  • Encourage the intersection and collaboration among municipal departments with the objectives of:
    • Developing and carrying out plans for municipal energy optimization (buildings, streetlights, public spaces, municipal vehicles, water management, waste management, public transport, etc.) completing appropriate preliminary studies and audits.
    • Introducing guidelines for energy sustainability and moderating climate change in municipal legislation and planning.
    • Providing energy consultation in producing and evaluating bid forms for new contracts for construction (buildings, public space, etc.), acquisition of goods and services (electric supply, vehicles, streetlights, etc.)
    • Bidding for and management of contracting for municipal electricity
    • Promotion of the intelligent city in energy/climate change, building renovations with guidelines for saving energy, and energy services in the municipality.
    • Supporting the development of useful tools for energy exploitation.
    • Collaborating in the establishment, execution, and evaluation of Environmental Action Plans.
    • Influencing public and private energy management through awareness campaigns and dissemination of good practices, events, etc.
    • Encouraging professional training in the sector and assisting in the creation of small businesses in the energy sector.

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