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Turismo - Burullería

This ancient medieval cemetery takes its name from the ancient name for the weaving of coarse fabrics, sacks and cloths. It was built at the end of the 20th century, however the buildings line it - such as the Portalón, the Hurtado de Anda Tower and the Gobeo-Gebara House Armoury, or the imposing Santa Maria Cathedral - these are all medieval.


  1. Contemplate the spectacular Hurtado de Anda Tower.
  2. Look at the mural entitled “Al hilo del Tiempo” (As Time wears on) on the facade of this square.
  3. Wander across to Plaza Santa María or around the nearby streets, in particular Correría and Zapatería.
  4. Taste typical local products in cafes, restaurants and bar in the area.
  5. Enjoy the stalls and entertainment of the medieval market. in new window)

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