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Bizileku in La Florida park

La Florida park offers a bike rental point called Bizileku in which the following services are provided to visitors:


Trekking or touring bicycles, electric bicycles, children's bicycles, BTT, Tandem,

Trailers for children, baby seats, saddlebags...

    • Friday from 10am to 2pm.
    • Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday: from 10am to 2pm / from 4pm to 8pm.

Information and bookings: 691 112 292, 635 360 181 |

Bike rental in Ataria interpretation centre

At the interpretation centre of Ataria in Salburua park, visitors will find a bike rental service which allows them to get to know the park by riding the bycicles.

Bike rental will be available during the opening times of the interpretation centre of the park: in winter, Tuesday - Sunday from 11am to 2pm and from 4pm to 7pm. In summer, Tuesday - Sunday from 11am to 2pm and from 4pm to 8pm.

They also offer the possibility of electric bike rental per hours or for the whole day in the opening times mentioned in the previous paragraph (not available at the moment though). The following list of prices shows the cost per hour:

  • 1 hour - 5€.
  • 2 hours - 9€.
  • 3 hours - 12€.
  • 4 hours - 16€.
  • Price per day - 22€.

Electric Buggies

Visitors will also have the chance to make a guided lap with electric buggies. As this vehicles are sound and gas emission free, they can circulate in every corner of the Green Belt.

  1. Meeting point: Ataria, Interpretation Centre of the park of Salburua, Salburua park.
  2. Services provided: up to 2-5 people with reduced mobility.
  3. Duration: 90 minutes.
  4. Languages: Spanish, Basque, English and German.
  5. Spots / Price: up to 6 people / 10 € per person.
  6. Schedule: from Tuesday to Sunday in the morning. It is advisable to make a reservation.
  7. More information 945 25 47 59.


The interpretation centre of Ataria offers people with reduced mobility the chance to stroll around Salburua park with scooter type motorbikes. These vehicles have a single seat and they have 4 wheels. They can support a weight of up to 140kgs and the maximum speed is 15 km/h. They have two batteries and anti-tip wheels, and the seat is adjustable and swivel with armrests.

  1. Loan: in Ataria interpretation centre, the actual Visitors centre of Salburua Park.
  2. Price: free service.
  3. Schedule: Ataria's opening times.
  4. More information: 945 25 47 59.

Tricycle guided routes

Trycicle guided routes are another option to get to know the park.

  • Spots per vehicle: 2 adults and a child, or an adult and 2 children.
  • More information: Guiartu: 616 203 656.
Bike rental companies in Vitoria-Gasteiz
Company Contact Complements Services available
Lokoloka(Opens in new window) Badaia, 1 945 144 728 | 615 796 141 (phone number for Sundays and Bank Holiday). // Adult and children bikes. Car or chair rental option. They provide lock and helmet. Bike rental. Although they do not work on Sundays and Bank Holidays, they do rent bicycles with advanced booking.
Capital Bikes(Opens in new window) 691 112 292// Bicycle rental, electric bikes, saddlebags, child seats. Guided routes and bicycle rental on demand.
Ataria, interpretation centre 945 25 47 59. Individual and tandem adult bicycles. Small, medium bikes and a trike for adults. Bicycles are for exclusive use in the park, they cannot be taken to the Green Belt. Electric bicycles (temporarily out of service) can be used outside the park.
EbikeVialki(Opens in new window) Jundiz Industrial Park. Goikoberaza, 28 945 27 90 31 | 607 197 130 (service provided by WhatsApp) // Electric bikes. Transfer and collection of the bike to the point requested by the client.
Guiartu(Opens in new window) 616203656 // Bycicles. Specialized service in bicycle routes.
Lurbide(Opens in new window) 668 843 833 // ------ Specialized service in bicycle routes.

Companies and their services

Some of the 3 and 5 star hotels of the city, as well as apartments and cottages offer bike rental to visitors too. You may ask for information at reception.

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