City routes - Tourism in Vitoria-Gasteiz

Walks that let you can explore at your own pace the Medieval Quarter, the main religious buildings in the city and el Ensanche. We also offer thematic routes for those with a passion for history, nature or street art.

Medieval Quarter

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Almond route

Turismo - Ruta almendra

A journey through the history of the city in the Medieval Quarter. Discover civic buildings, Renaissance palaces, fortified 'tower houses' and Gothic temples.

Further information on the Almond Route

Route of the 4 towers

Turismo-4 torres

Next to the Santa Maria Cathedral, the towers of the Gothic churches of San Miguel, San Vicente and San Pedro make up the profile of the four towers, the city's best-known silhouette.

Further information on the Route of the 4 towers

Camino de Santiago (St. James's Way) Route

Turismo - Camino de Santiago

This offers you the chance to walk the Jacobean Way as it passes through the city, following the signs embedded in the ground.

Further information on the Camino de Santiago Route

City centre

City Centre Route

Turismo - Plaza España

Plaza de la Virgen Blanca square, the Co-Cathedral of Maria Inmaculada (New Cathedral), the Artium Centre/Museum and other buildings and spaces that breathe art and history.

Further information on the City Centre Route

Romantic Route

Turismo - Teatro principal

This is the social hub of Vitoria-Gasteiz and a major shopping area with all manner of establishments, from hundred-year-oldshops to the most revered restaurants in the city.

Further information on the Romantic Route

Senda Route

Turismo - Ruta de la Senda

The La Senda Path and the Fray Francisco de Vitoria walk make up more than 3 kilometres of tree-lined pedestrian spaces, where you can admire palaces, museums and parks. The walk ends at the Romanesque Basilica of Saint Prudence.

Further information on the Senda Route

Itineraries by number of days

VG en 123 días

Everything you must not miss during one, two or three-day breaks.

Thematic routes

Literary paths - Tourism in Vitoria-Gasteiz

Rutas literarias

Places that inspire stories, books that take us on visits to the city and literary people with strong links to the capital of Basque Country. We show you Vitoria-Gasteiz in literature.

Further information on the Literary paths.

Napoleonic Route

Turismo - Ruta napoleónica

We invite you to relive the history of the city and to follow in the footsteps of Napoleon. Learn more about the 1813 Battle of Vitoria and discover other key characters from that era.

Further information on the Napoleonic Route.

City of Mystery

The Medieval Quarter at night

There are legends and stories that give a special air of mystery to some parts of Vitoria-Gasteiz. As well as the fear and respect that can be felt in the historic Cemetery of Santa Isabel, there is the disquiet that various local books speak of, in a city that every year embraces a festival dedicated to the culture of death.

Further information on the City of Mystery.

Museums Route

BIBAT Museum

Visit some of the Basque Country's most emblematic museums, including Artium (Basque Museum-Centre of Contemporary Art), Bibat - Archaeology Museum and Fournier de Naipes museum of playing cards or the Casa de los Faroles.

The Museums of Vitoria-Gasteiz

Gardens Route

Turismo - Parque de la Florida

Discover some of the green spaces if the European Green Capital 2012: the Parque de la Florida, with its hundred-year old trees; El Prado park, half-way between the centre and the Romanesque Basilica of Armentia, and the Judimendi Park, an ancient Jewish cemetery.

Further information on the gardens route

The Murals Route

muralismo público

The Mural Walk through Vitoria-Gasteiz (IMVG), the Painted City, is a gallery of murals in the Medieval Quarter and other districts of the city. Discover its significance and the collaborative process which made it happen.

Further information on the Murals Route

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