Auzoarentzat Zabalik: schoolyards open in the summer of 2020

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School spaces are an important part of the social framework as well as an active and significant part of neighbourhoods for boys, girls and teenagers. Accordingly, the need to recover these urban spaces for play and recreational activity, as safe reference points for childhood, is a social demand as well as an opportunity to continue working for the cohesion of social and family life.

The health care crisis in recent months, the stipulated health care measures, the closing of the educational centres, the interruption of diverse municipal programs and activities have conditioned the activity and play options of the children and teenager population. Faced with this situation, the Education Service proposes the opening of several school patios with the aim to enrich the play options and assist the reconciliation and use of family time during this summer.

School Centres


From Monday to Friday, from 13th of July until 4th of September


  • July and September: 11:00 – 13:30 and 17:30 – 20:30
  • August: 11:00 – 13:30

Use Regulations

open for neighborhoodSpecial attention shall be paid to the use conditions of the school spaces and the specific legislation of the current health care situation. The school spaces will be supervised by the permanent presence of one person. The responsibility in the use of these facilities shall correspond to the persons who use them.

Boys and girls above the age of 8 may access the patios in an autonomous way. The minors of this age must be accompanied by an adult.

Query all the use regulations of these school patios. (spanish / basque)

Contingency Plan. (spanish or basque)


The performance of several activities has been programmed which shall be offered to the general public in each school centre from 20th until 30th of July and from 30th of August until 4th of September.

Query all the activities, dates and locations in this Program. (spanish or basque)

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