Tourism in Vitoria-Gasteiz - Languages

Turismo en Vitoria-Gasteiz

The Basque Country has two official languages, Basque and Spanish

Spanish is spoken by all the inhabitants while Basque, spoken by a smaller number of people, is the original language of the Basque Country. The origins of this language are still a mystery as it has no clear relation with any of the known languages. Road signs, airports signs, official centres, etc., usually come in both languages.

Some of the most common expressions in Basque:
Euskera English
Kaixo Hi
Egun on Good morning
Eguna Day
Mesedez Please
Eskerrik Asko Thanks
Ongi etorri Welcome
Agur Goodbye
Bai Yes
Ez No
Hondartza Beach
Hotela Hotel
Jatetxea Restaurant
Aireportua Airport
Aparkalekua Car Park
Udaletxea Town Hall
Udaltzaingoa Municipal Police
Ertzaintza Basque autonomous Police
Turismo Bulegoa Tourist Office

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