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The CEA's mission is to look out for the sustainability in Vitoria-Gasteiz, fostering our municipality's sustainable development not only as an isolated unit, but linked to our bioregion, the Alava Plains.

The aims of CEA are the following:

  • Guide the gathering, management, and use and analysis of the best information available for the formulation of more efficient urban and territorial policies.
  • Analyse the operation of the municipality (and its bioregion) as an environmental, social, and economic system, and utilize this knowledge for more efficient local and regional planning.
  • Strengthen the municipal plans and programmes directed towards the proposal and planning of new more sustainable circumstances in the city and territory.
  • Promote the education, information, awareness and participation of citizens on the subject of urban and territorial sustainability, ensuring the participation of all social and economic agents involved.


The Environmental Studies Centre was founded at the end of the 80s, with the aim of energizing our close surroundings with environmental educational strategies. Thus, the first post-graduate programme was created which was orientated towards training environmental technicians in a broader sense.

The fields of action were gradually diversified towards the specialities considered to be of high interest: Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, Environmental Services to Businesses, Evaluation and Reparation of Environmental Impacts, etc. Training programmes have also been designed for medium and low qualification groups, and recycling courses for administration and business, always with important content put into practice and encouraging labour insertion through work experience placements. In this way, the CEA has promoted relations with universities and research centres, resulting in doctoral theses, publications and numerous teaching collaborations, research projects, and consultancies and management of final projects of work experiences at the end of the degree or master's programme.

In May 1995, the CEA became an Autonomous Organisation, reaffirming the standards in its statutes designed in reference to environmental education, training, and research, while encouraging the development of new lines of work.

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