Film Office Vitoria-Gasteiz - Green Shooting

sostenibilidad industria audiovisual

The audiovisual industry is one of the sectors with the greatest environmental impact but, in turn, an important awareness-raising vehicle to inspire and promote actions towards a sustainable present, where a balance between the economy, the environment and social well-being is guaranteed.

Vitoria-Gasteiz Film Office wants to bring sustainability closer to the audiovisual industry, and accompany you in this process of shifting towards new production models that generate positive environmental impact.

Therefore, we put at your disposal a series of tools that will serve you as a guide/base on that path, so that you can drive actions and a more sustainable and respectful production model to the planet.

Decalogue of good practices

  1. Green communication
    With your team, draw up a Sustainability plan: objectives, measures and actions. Put up informative posters around the office and set to involve and raise awareness among the team. Disseminate your good practices in the media and share ideas and practices with the sector.
  2. Choose locations responsibly
    Select locations that are as close together as possible. Find out about and respect the environmental characteristics and regulations at the locations.
  3. Efficient Transport and Mobility
    Plan transport logistics efficiently, optimising journeys. Share vehicles. Inform the team of the options in terms of public transport and bicycle rental points.
  4. Local suppliers
    Choose local suppliers who have a social and environmental policy in place. Promote local employment.
  5. Sustainable catering
    Choose local suppliers with a sustainable policy in terms of purchasing, waste management, the reduction of packaging or the use of biodegradable or reusable packaging, and who work with local products that are in season.
  6. Minimise consumption
    Avoid, wherever possible, buying equipment, materials or filming elements, opting instead to rent said supplies. Reduce the use of paper, encourage digitisation. Establish purchasing and manufacturing criteria based on sustainable development.
  7. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
    Create a waste management plan: selective collection in the office and on set. Rent, reuse, borrow, buy second-hand material for decorations, costumes, etc.
  8. Water: a source of life
    Avoid bottles of water packaged for individual use opting for dispensers / refill points and promote the use of eco-friendly, personalised bottles; flasks etc.
  9. Reduce energy consumption
    Raise awareness of energy saving habits: turning off lights when they are not required, avoiding standby mode, low-consumption lights and bulbs and rechargeable batteries. Recycle material at the designated recycling points.
  10. Review
    Designate a Green Runner to monitor the Sustainability Plan. Check your carbon footprint using the calculator before and after production.


If the information on the page does not match your information requirements, please apply via the Citizens' mailbox.