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What is Green Lab?

Green Lab came into being as an initiative of CEA (Environmental Studies Centre) in order to tackle issues related to Vitoria-Gasteiz city and surrounding area. It works as an experimental lab where new strategic prototypes related to sustainable development and life quality improvement are treated.

This aim is intended to be achieved by means of boosting different research programs, along with educational and employment plans. Dissemination of researches and results among population is also regarded as necessary, according to the goals of the project.

Green Lab´s headquarters are in the Farmhouse of Olarizu.

Research program

Collaborative scientific-technical research program that intends to develop innovative ideas and strategies to improve the municipality’s environmental and territorial management of Vitoria-Gasteiz. In May 2017 the first Research internship program was initiated with 7 lines of work: landscape, soils, green infrastructure, climate change, organica agriculture and environmental awareness. In May 2019 a second edition of the research program was launched thanks to bilateral agreements signed by the CEA and several basque research institutions to work on: phytoremediation, soil health, hidrogeology and environmental DNA.

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Employment plans

Social and labor integration programs. Developed in collaboration with the Sustainable Economic Development and Employment Departament this are anual or semester plan to incoporate people with low employability profile or under the risk of social exclusion. Casa de la Dehesa de Olárizu is the working and teaching center for teams of workers and supervisors that will implement the works in the municipal territory. Two coordinators will supervise the field works on site, as well as the personal social integration evolution. Several social and technical learning activities take place in the program throughout the year.

Workshops & Courses

Training activities related to Green Lab research lines, which serve indeed as informative tools about new trends in each field of knowledge. Among them are included dissemination lectures, workshops and summer courses open to the public and of different timing.

Check here training activities schedule.

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Blog posting and social networks

Interactive spaces to spread news about Green Lab activities or news relacionated with the studied issues, and also to serve as informative and participative tools with which Internship’s research breakthroughs and discussion of different environmental issues are presented.

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