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Villa Suso

Villa Suso Palace owes its name to the fact that, as it was built into the city walls, its main entrance was located in the upper quarters, or Villa Suso. It was D. Martín de Salinas, ambassador to Emperor Carlos V, who ordered it to be built in 1539. Whilst refurbishing the building in the 1980s, a burial site with a tombstone was unearthed and there is a legend about the ghost that lives therein. These days the palace is used as a conference venue.


  1. Look at the façade of the building: with a single u-shaped court, this building had to be specially designed to fit into the city wall and to cope with the uneven terrain.
  2. Go and see the 16th-century Flemish tapestry, from the school of Brussels, which tells the story of the Escape of Aeneas and his family from Troy.
  3. Contemplate the limestone escutcheon on the façade.
  4. Walk around the outside of the palace: Plaza del Machete and San Miguel Church. in new window)

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