Recommendations for bird watching - Tourism in Vitoria-Gasteiz


  • In order to avoid provoking tension or exposing the birds to danger of any kind, proceed with care and respect during your observations, while taking photographs or filming sounds and videos.
  • If you witness any unethical bird watching behaviour, keep an eye on the situation and intervene of you consider it appropriate. If you decide to intervene, inform the people that their actions are inappropriate and try, in reasonable terms, to make them stop behaving in such a way. If they continue, make a note of this and contact the corresponding entity, and in the case of an infringement of any regulation in force, dial 112.
  • Limit the use of recordings or any other methods of attracting the birds. Never use such methods in areas which are highly visited by bird watchers or to attract endangered species, those of conservation interest or ones which are rare in the area.
  • Stay away from nests, courtship display areas and important feeding areas to avoid disturbing the birds.
  • Before publishing the presence of a rare bird, consider if this will disturb the bird, its surroundings or other people in the area. Only respective conservation authorities should be alerted to places where rare birds are nesting.
  • Keep to the roads, tracks and paths in an attempt to keep disturbance to the habitat to a minimum.
  • Group bird watching, be it organised or coincidental, requires special care. Each individual in a group, as well as abiding by the general rules, has certain responsibilities as members of a group: to respect the interests, rights and abilities of their fellow bird watchers a well as people participating in other legitimate outdoor activities. To share their knowledge and experience freely. To be especially helpful to novice bird watchers.

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