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The perfection of the grape is the starting point of the unique personality of the Rioja Alavesa wines, which have obtained international recognition and constitute a benchmark of high quality.


  • Visit one of the wineries in Rioja Alavesa: just a few kilometres to the south of Vitoria-Gasteiz you can go on the Wine Route. You will be greeted by scenery dotted with vineyards, almost 400 wineries, as well as wine cellars, hotels, museums and restaurants. Among the buildings, you'll discover both traditional creations and cutting-edge designs by architects such as Ghery or Calatrava. in new window)
  • Txakoli from Álava: to the north of the province, you can discover the beautiful landscape of the Ayala Valley, the cradle of the in new window), a white wine, clean and dazzling, which is also produced on the Basque coast.
  • Try txikiteo or 'poteo', which consists in drinking small amounts of wine (txikitos) or beer (zuritos), and changing bars every now and again. In the city, you'll find different "rounds" of poteo and pintxos.
  • Visit a wine cellar, where specialists will advise you on the best wines.
  • If they coincide with your visit, take in one of the annual events that are related to wine: Ardoaraba, Wine Berria or Zuria ta kitto in Vitoria-Gasteiz, and in other parts of the province, the Grape Harvest Festival of Rioja Alavesa(Opens in new window) (September) or Txakoli Eguna(Opens in new window) (May). in new window)

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