Route of the 4 towers - Tourism in Vitoria-Gasteiz

Next to the Santa Maria Cathedral, the towers of the churches of San Miguel, San Vicente and San Pedro make up the profile of four towers, the city's best-known silhouette.


Turismo - Rutas - 4 torres

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Starting point: Santa Maria square

  1. Santa Maria Cathedral
    Santa Maria Cathedral, World Heritage site, was built over the ruins of an ancient church in the village of Gasteiz. It has served as a fortress to defend the city.
  2. Church of San Vicente Mártir
    This church occupies part of an old castle-fortress that defended the south-east of the town. You may climb the tower and walk along part of the wooden structure above the temple naves.
  3. Church of San Miguel Arcángel
    It is the oldest temple in the city. A visit to the chapel of the Virgen Blanca, patron saint of Vitoria-Gasteiz, with its polychrome sculpture from the mid-nineteenth century, is a must.
  4. Church of San Pedro Apóstol
    It is considered one of the most beautiful Gothic churches in northern Spain. You will be able to see the original wall with an arrow slit, which reveals its past defensive function

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