Summer activities- Raff to obtain a place

The first step to obtain a place in the vacation activities is to make an application to participate in the raff for the allocation of places.

The request will be made between March 25 and April 21.

Cow to enter the raffle

  • Online, completing the application to participate in the Raff.
  • In person, at the Citizen Attention offices of the civic centers and at the San Antonio office.
  • By phone: 010 or 945 161 100.

When making the request, a receipt is obtained that has the reference number of the request and the number with which you participate in the draw. Until April 21, the applications submitted can be modified, providing both numbers.

Note that:

  • Through the raffle you can request a place in up to 9 activities; however, only one place can be obtained.
  • Requests can be made in a group of three people maximum. It is not guaranteed that all the people in the group will get a place, but they do have consecutive numbers in the draw.
  • In this phase of registration for the Draw, the delivery of any documentation will not be necessary.
  • When making the request, you must enter the activity code that appears next to the activity information.

If the information on the page does not match your information requirements, please apply via the Citizens' mailbox.