Free places in summer activities

On May 18, it will be possible to consult which places have become free.

The registration period for these places is from May 22 (8:30) to June 2 (23:59)

How to register for the free places

The consultation of the existing places and the registration in free places can be done through these channels:

  • Online: Check places and registration
  • In person, in the following civic centers: Aldabe, Arriaga, El Pilar, Hegoalde, Ibaiondo, Iparralde, Judimendi, Lakua, Salburua, Zabalgana and Ariznabarra Sports Center.

You have to remember that

  • From May 22 to May 26 there are a number of free places reserved for people with special educational needs.
  • If these reserved places are not filled, on the 27th at 00:00 they will be added to the general offer of free places
  • In the process of obtaining a free place, it is advisable to have the activity codes ready, which are requested to expedite registration and have more chances of obtaining a place. In this link we indicate what these data are so that you can have them prepared. The code is indicated in the description of each activity.

If the information on the page does not match your information requirements, please apply via the Citizens' mailbox.